Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Easter Gift at Smashwords!

I've elected to set the Smashwords price for Caron's Egg to


Only on Smashwords, and only for one day.

Don't miss your chance to get it for free! All I ask is that you leave an honest review - Good, bad, or ugly. Just make it real.

Download Caron's Egg at smashwords in your chosen format.

And have a Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Caron's Egg is on Smashwords!

Uh, oh...

I just realized that those of you that prefer to use Smashwords, rather than Nook or Kindle, weren't told that Caron's Egg is available there, as well!

My bad. So, uh...

Caron's Egg is now available on Smashwords for the same $0.99 price as it is on Kindle and Nook.
The link for it is...

----------> Right here! Caron's Egg FTW! <----------

Yeah, I'm a little excited. It's exciting to have it as widely available as the first part of the series, Santa's Letter.

So what's next for the Holidays Beyond the Veil short story sequence?

Well, I have ideas for both Halloween and New Year stories, as well as a bit written for each, but I haven't decided which one I'll publish next. We'll see which character screams at me more often in the next couple of months - they can be quite demanding.

But then again, they're magical creatures... they don't abide by the same rules we humans do, right?


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Caron's Egg Book Trailer is Live!

Caron's Egg now has its very own book trailer, and here it is!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Caron's Egg is On Sale!

My second Holiday story, Caron's Egg, is now out for sale on Kindle and Nook.

What's it about, you ask?

"The Veil of Logic is a direct threat to the creatures living within The Preserve. It's also invincible. That's what the residents have always believed. That is, until they discover that in a greedy play for more power the Veil has spread itself thin, and now the residents can strike back.

Caron believes that he has what it takes to prove to the Preserve's residents that it can be done. Caron isn't just any Easter Bunny. He's the most long lived Easter Bunny to date, and his mind is constantly on the move. Caron is eager to do his part to fight against the Veil.

After frolicking in his garden...
And celebrating with friends...
And decorating eggs.

Will the easily distracted Easter Bunny find his place in the fight against the Veil of Logic, or will his fun-loving nature cause more problems for everyone?"

You can get your copy for only $0.99 at the Kindle Store, as well as at the Nook store. Easter is coming, so don't miss your chance. It'll change the way you look at the Easter Bunny forever.

And who knows? 

Maybe the Veil of Logic will lift from your shoulders... or the shoulders of a friend that you loan it to.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Legend of the Cockatrice

Do you know what a cockatrice is?

I grabbed this one from
Remember that Basilisk from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? Rather nasty beast.  A cockatrice is similar.

Legend has it that a cockatrice is born when an egg (some accounts say a rooster egg!) is hatched within the mouth off a serpent or a toad.  It's a creature with the head and legs of a rooster, and the body and tail of a serpent.

Told ya it was nasty!

But it gets better.  What a basilisk and a cockatrice have in common is the ability to turn people into stone.  In the case of a basilisk, this occurs when you look it in the eye.

The cockatrice is nastier.

In the case of a cockatrice, the legend changes from one account to another. Some say that the cockatrice turns you to stone in the same manner, but...

some legends say that this occurs when it breathes on you.


Indeed, 17th century priests seemed to have a particular fondness for the cockatrice. One even going so far as to claim that he saw a dead one in Palestine.  Another one, deciding to get a one-up on him, I suppose, claimed to know of one that was found alive within a church vault in the 9th century.

How would people react if one was born today?

Would the Veil of Logic be broken?

And what in the world am I planning on writing now???