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The Veil of Logic is a direct threat to the creatures living within The Preserve. It’s also invincible. That’s what the residents have always believed. That is, until they discover that in a greedy play for more power the Veil has spread itself thin, and now the residents can strike back.

Caron believes that he has what it takes to prove to the Preserve’s residents that it can be done. Caron isn’t just any Easter Bunny. He’s the most long lived Easter Bunny to date, and his mind is constantly on the move. Caron is eager to do his part to fight against the Veil. 

After frolicking in his garden... And celebrating with friends... And decorating eggs.

Will the easily distracted Easter Bunny find his place in the fight against the Veil of Logic, or will his fun-loving nature cause more problems for everyone?

Having spent the majority of his long life protecting the creatures of legend from extinction, Santeclaus was exhausted. He considered handing over his position as The Preserve's caretaker to someone new. But on the night before Christmas a letter arrived... 

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