Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Legend of the Cockatrice

Do you know what a cockatrice is?

I grabbed this one from
Remember that Basilisk from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? Rather nasty beast.  A cockatrice is similar.

Legend has it that a cockatrice is born when an egg (some accounts say a rooster egg!) is hatched within the mouth off a serpent or a toad.  It's a creature with the head and legs of a rooster, and the body and tail of a serpent.

Told ya it was nasty!

But it gets better.  What a basilisk and a cockatrice have in common is the ability to turn people into stone.  In the case of a basilisk, this occurs when you look it in the eye.

The cockatrice is nastier.

In the case of a cockatrice, the legend changes from one account to another. Some say that the cockatrice turns you to stone in the same manner, but...

some legends say that this occurs when it breathes on you.


Indeed, 17th century priests seemed to have a particular fondness for the cockatrice. One even going so far as to claim that he saw a dead one in Palestine.  Another one, deciding to get a one-up on him, I suppose, claimed to know of one that was found alive within a church vault in the 9th century.

How would people react if one was born today?

Would the Veil of Logic be broken?

And what in the world am I planning on writing now???

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